We use XR technologies to create interactive and embodied experiences

Digital Dance Studio

Recent projects

Alexander Whitley Dance Company

Unity development & UX/UI design


A compositional tool for motion capture content
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An interactive, audio-based dance installation where audiences can experience the inner thoughts of a dancer.
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Where We Meet

Unwired Dance Theatre


Digital Ghost Signs is a project that combines public art with digital technology to bring to life the stories behind two murals located in Bedford Town Centre.
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Digital Art Murals

Bedford Creative Arts

Commissioned project, Full development


Commissioned by SpectYou, creation of 2 productions using VR for hybrid stage performances: Rhinotopia for VorAlpentheatre & Art 119 for Theatre Orchester Biel Solothurn. Using full body tracking and VR technologies to embody fantastic narratives.
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VR Theatre

SpectYou, VorAlpentheatre & Theatre Orchester Biel Solothurn

VR performance consulting, VRChat development, avatar design & world building


A hybrid dance performance - live from London & New York - in full motion capture and VR
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Unwired Dance Theatre


Clémence Debaig

Director of Unwired Studio

Unwired Studio is directed by Clemence Debaig who is a dance artist, designer and creative technologist. She works with telepresence, networked wearables, Mocap technology and XR. With a background as a dancer and creative technologist - and a previous career as a UX designer - she brings a unique perspective to choreographing interactive and participatory experiences.

She has experience creating work for the stage, galleries and more unconventional sites, including public art settings.

She is also the Artistic Director of Unwired Dance Theatre and a lecturer and researcher at Goldsmiths University, specialising in Motion Capture, Digital Embodiment, Immersive Theatre and Escape Rooms.

Unwired Studio works with a network of collaborators to adjust to the scale, skills and ambitions of the project. Recent collaborators include:

Alex Mc Kinnon, 3D Artist
David Thatcher, Game Designer
Livia Massarelli, Choreographer
Christina Karpodini, Composer

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